Big Sister’s Room: Before & After

Today is my oldest daughter’s 6th birthday.  I’ve never seen anyone so excited to be able to show how old they are by using TWO hands.  This is big stuff, people!  Don’t you love how such simple things can make … Continue reading

A Refinished Library Table (and a little secret)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’m lazy.  No, really.  I know I am constantly doing one project after another, and yes, I love each one.  But, I honestly think part of the reason I do … Continue reading

When Santa is away, the Reindeer will Play

First, I have writers block and for some reason can’t come up with a clever title for this entry, so the one listed above is compliments of my husband.  He is currently giggling and very proud of himself.  He also … Continue reading

DIY: No-Sew Window Seat Cushions

Remember when I asked you to all have patience (in my best Dazed and Confused Matthew McConaughey voice)?  I’m happy to report one of those projects is officially complete.  What started out as this: Ended up as this: Who knew … Continue reading

No Sew Faux: DIY Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shade

I’m about to show you a DIY project I did a little over a year ago.  Before I share, you have to promise me two things. 1.  Don’t judge my dirty windows…or cobwebs…or bad paint job around the window (it … Continue reading

Refinished Oak Farmhouse Table: Before & After

Hello, my friends!  I am happy to report a “cool” front hit Texas, which means instead of being 105 degrees, it is now in the low 90’s.  Believe it or not, that is a HUGE difference.  That also means we … Continue reading

Rainy Day Blue/Gray: Before & After End Tables Painted with DIY Chalk Paint

So, what does one do when they have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a husband on a business trip overseas, no school and on rainy day #4?  Personally, I thought about either going insane or  putting a large dent in my … Continue reading