My Happy Tree

I love art.  I truly am amazed by the creativity, patience, time and talent it takes to create masterpieces.  I love how art can make you feel.  How it can inspire you.  How it can transform a space.  I have the utmost respect for artists and I understand why some pieces cost so much.  In most cases, those hefty price tags are completely justified.  Unfortunately, I just can’t afford those price tags.

One piece in particular that caught my attention was this painting from Ballard Designs.  It is called Snowbirds & Blossoms (it even sounds fancy).

Ballard Designs Tree

Usually, I am more inspired by one of a kind pieces painted by local artists, but this tree really spoke to me.  Maybe it was the color? Maybe it was the super cool technique called pointillism? (more on that in a minute)  Maybe it was because I am a fanatic about beautiful old trees?  Personally, I think it was all of the above.  Unfortunately, this tree is also $449 + tax & shipping.  Not to mention, it is a ginormous 49.5″ square, which is way too big.  As my mother would say, “Rats!”

Of course,  that didn’t stop me.  Instead of admitting defeat and giving up my tree dreams, I brushed off my art class skills circa 1990 and got to work.  This is what I ended up with.

Dot Tree 2

Not bad, eh?  It is 30″ by 30″ and by no means deserves to be in a museum, and no way it rivals the quality of the real deal, but I like it.  It is my Happy Tree.  Now, for those of you who don’t know the meaning of pointillism, here is a description from the Ballard painting, “This grandly scaled floral by Ru. Ardo was painted entirely by hand on canvas using hundreds of cream, grey, white and green dots in the pointillism style to create an image bursting with energy. The viewer’s eye and mix the color spots to perceive the image and a fuller range of tones.”  Also, here is a definition from good ol’ Webster: “In painting, the practice of applying small strokes or dots of contrasting colour to a surface so that from a distance they blend together.”  How cool is that?

Now, you might be thinking, “Um, okay Jess, you big psycho, who has the time or patience for painting hundreds of dots?”  I admit, it did take a lot of time, but it goes a lot faster with the use of my super expensive, uber-fancy, artistry tools.

Dot Tree Fancy Paint Tools

Okay, okay.  So I stole stuff from my little kids.  But, you know what?  It worked.

Dot Tree 3

P.S.  I don’t normally condone copying someone else’s work, but I really, really, really wanted this tree.  So, chalk it up to me be a tree-stalker, obsessed fan or whatever.  Hopefully, the artist would just take it as a big, Texas-sized compliment.


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