Jess in Cali

As a little girl my mother took me to antique stores and began teaching me about the craftsmanship and history of countless pieces.  From these outings I quickly caught the “antique bug.”  Now, one of my favorite ways to spend time with my mother is by perusing antique stores and discussing the potential stories of each piece that catches our eye.  I also pester her with daily phone calls to discuss interior design and HGTV (she is a trooper, I tell you).  Additionally, my paternal grandmother taught me the art of practicality and seeing potential in those garage sale finds.   Finally, my maternal grandmother taught me about grace, style and having fun.  So, this blog is dedicated to three of the most influential, talented and beloved women in my life who instilled in me a passion for adding a little pizzazz to forgotten items.

Thanks for stopping by!
 – Jess


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