One Buffet Finished Three Ways

SS Buffe and Mirror - NN

When I go to garage sales I always make sure I bring two things….One, cash….Two, my business cards.  The reason I take business cards is because you never know where you might pick up a new client, which is precisely how I was able to add this gem to my portfolio….

When my client first bought her buffet, it looked like this…

Buffet original - NN

She then decided to redecorate and hired someone else to paint the buffet gold with a metallic glaze…

SS Buffet 2nd Finish - NN

After living with it for a while my client decided the color and finish still weren’t quite right so she called me.  The previous painter did a very nice job, but my client felt the piece was ‘too’ gold and didn’t suit her current décor.  After I got a better feel for what she wanted we decided to keep the top and moldings gold, but tone down the rest of buffet by painting it a creamy off-white.  To tie it all together I lightly distressed the edges and aged it with a little dark wax.  It turned out beautiful.

SS Buffet Final Finish - NN

SS Buffet Detail Before - NN SS Buffet Detail After - NN

The buffet was so large I had to paint it on-site in my client’s dining room.  I have to say, I could get used to a room like this as my office.

SS Dining Room - NNStunning, isn’t it?

SS Dining Room Buffet Before - NN SS Dining Room Buffet and Mirror After - NN

I tried my best not to covet this gorgeous home too much and I was sorry to see this job come to an end, but it sure was fun being able to put my little stamp in such a lovely space.


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