I’ve created a monster…

…and she’s only 5 years old.  The other night I was sitting on my bed only to have my 5 year old come in and tell me the following…

1.  I need to paint my antique library table turquoise.

2.  I then need to paint the inside of the drawers yellow.

3.  The brass handles (which I don’t care for anyway) should be replaced with “diamond tiara handles that sparkle.”

4.  I also need to paint my walls “purple, not turquoise, but purple because the turquoise table would blend into the walls if they were painted the same color and it would be too camouflaged.” (For the record, I am planning to paint my walls a pale shade of turquoise – someone has been listening).

5.  After I’m done I need to take before and after photos so I can compare the two and remind myself on how everything used to look.

6.  The photos should be posted on the internet.

This was all said as one, long, run-on sentence.  I don’t think my daughter ever took a breath while giving me my instructions.  Needless to say, she had lots of fun helping me create the before and after looks on the computer.

Chair in Bedroom - Copy Chair in Bedroom C Design

So, what do you think?  I don’t know that Daddy will go for purple walls, but I do dig the idea of diamonds.   I probably won’t follow my daughter’s suggestions anytime soon, but watch out for that one.  She is indeed her mother’s daughter.


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