Eleven Tiny Reindeer

Holy smokes, Folks!  How in the world is it December?  And why do I only have 5% of my Christmas shopping complete?  For those of you who completed your shopping in July, please keep your comments to yourself.  I want to continue to be friends with you.  Just kidding….sort of.

To continue my theme of shopping and decorating procrastination, I thought I’d spend time showing you one of my latest creations.  You probably don’t know this, but I love whimsical reindeer.  Last year, I was inspired by a super cute reindeer plate my sister gave me years ago.  I decided to draw on that inspiration and used watercolors to paint an entire series of silly reindeer.  I was delighted with the end result and I displayed each painting on my buffet.  I may or may not have been just as excited about them as my two little girls.

Photo Nov 29, 4 19 45 PM

And don’t worry, I’m staying true to my procrastination.  This photo was taken last year.  Other than a very sad Elf on the Shelf sitting on…well…a shelf, there are currently no Christmas decorations up in my house.  Don’t get me started on those people who make their elf throw marshmallows around or spell out words in M&Ms and other shenanigans…ours sits on a shelf…and he likes it.  

Elf on the Shelf

Anyway, this year I decided to turn my paintings into cards and I L.O.V.E. LOVE them!

Reindeer Sports Watermark Reindeer Cards dance Watermark

Aren’t they super fun?  My favorite is the ice skating pair.  I happen to love them so much that I may actually send out Christmas cards for the first time in about 3 years.

The cards were super easy to make.  I just scanned the original paintings into the computer, sized them down, then printed them out on card stock.  Voilà!  I left them blank inside so they can also be used as stationary or thank you notes.

All right, my 3 year old just woke up and spotted our elf…on his shelf, so it’s time for me to make her breakfast and focus on my #1 job as Mom.

Moving forward, due to the nature of the season my future posts may be delayed, but I will get back on track soon and have some fun posts planned.

Merry Christmas and stay tuned!


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