I’m Back!

Hello, Readers!

I’m back!  Sorry I went away for a while, but sometimes you just have to be a wife and mother first so I decided to take a break to focus on Christmas with my family.   I also took some time to complete one of my largest furniture projects to date.  I spent about 40 hours or so completing work on an entire dining set.  I admit it was an exhausting project, but incredibly rewarding.  My client even asked if we would still be friends after I completed the work.  I thought it over and lucky for her I decided, “Why not?” (Just kidding, E!)

Unfortunately, I can’t post the entire transformation just yet because I don’t have the right “after” photos.  For space purposes,  we had to transport the completed chairs back to my client’s house before I could begin working on the table.  That means I wasn’t able to take any photos of the table and chairs together, however, I do plan to go to my client’s house soon so I can take pictures for my portfolio.  I’ve also been working on helping my client choose a new dining room chandelier.  Once the new lighting is installed, I will be sure to take lots of photos and share the whole process with you.  Meanwhile, here is a quick sneak peek.

Chairs Before Chairs after Pedestal Before Pedestal After

In addition to completing the dining set, I recently acquired new furniture, including a sofa which I stalked for at least the past couple of years.  I’m so excited!… (Great.  Do any of my fellow Generation Xers now have Jessie Spano’s caffeine pill freak out episode running through your head?  And yes, Zach Morris is still hot.)

Moving along.

So, yes, I got a new sofa, which means we were finally able to move my husband’s beloved, poofy, brown leather sofa to the bonus room.  That also means I have been busy FINALLY getting my living room and bonus room into shape.  I’m almost finished, so I will also share those projects with you soon.

Finally, so I don’t leave you completely without helpful information (other than the Jessie Spano scene now stuck in your head…you’re welcome), I thought I’d mix it up a bit and share some of the “Look 4 Less” items I have recently discovered.  I hope some of you find these helpful.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of saving money.

It feels good to be back and I look forward to sharing some fun projects with you.  Thank you for your patience during my absence and I wish each of you blessings and joy for 2014!

Tufted Bella Pearl Ottoman from ZGallerie: $599

Abbyson Living Florence Cream Square Tufted Ottoman

Abbyson Living Florence Cream Square Tufted Ottoman from Overstock: $264.59 (at the time of this post)

PB Classic Fluted Sconce Flushmount

PB Classic Fluted Sconce Flushmount by Pottery Barn:  $149

Hampton Bay Dalesford 1-Light Ceiling Polished Nickel Flush Mount from Home Depot: $29.97

I actually have two of the Hampton Bay lights hanging in my house and have been pleased with them.  You are welcome to read about them here.

Arteriors Cinchwaist Gold Tray from Zinc Door:  $396 (No, that price is not a joke.  I checked.)

Gold Mirrored Tabletop Tray from World Market:  $29.99


2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

    • Thank you, Susan! I wasn’t able to remove the chair cushions, so I had to very carefully hand paint up to the edge of the fabric. That mixed with all of the surprised inevitable when redoing furniture is what took so long. It was worth it, though! I also mastered removing large heat marks from a table top. Hooray!

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