DIY: No-Sew Window Seat Cushions

Remember when I asked you to all have patience (in my best Dazed and Confused Matthew McConaughey voice)?  I’m happy to report one of those projects is officially complete.  What started out as this:

Dormer Window Seat Before

Ended up as this:

Dormer Window Seat Cushion After 2

Who knew I would end up making so many no-sew cushions? You can read more about my no-sew cushion adventures by going here and here.

Dormer Window Seat Closeup Before Dormer Window Seat Cushion After Close

I actually have two of these dormer window seats in my bonus room and I think they add special character to the space.  Now, wouldn’t it be lovely if I showed you the before & after pictures of the entire room?  Why yes, yes it would.  However, today is not the day.  Wanna know why?  Because I live in a house with two dogs, two children and a husband.  I’ll be honest with you, that feat does not bode well for “bonus” rooms. 

Bonus Room Mess

See?  Not so lovely.  There also happens to be a lack of furniture and accessories in our bonus room…As in there is no sofa, no end tables, no coffee table and no lamps.  BUT, we are getting there bit by bit (why is furniture so bloomin’ expensive?!).  That being said, so far we have painted the walls, changed out the light fixtures, replaced the ceiling fan and now my dormer window seats are complete.  So, we have indeed made progress and I do hope to show you the room in its entirety one day soon.  In the meantime, let’s focus a bit more on what is finished (and clean enough to photograph).

Dormer Window Seat Cushion Dormer Window Seat Cushion Closeup After

So much better!  I hope to see my girls spend a lot of time curled up in these fun little spaces for years to come.  I can just see them reading books and nurturing their imagination as they look out on our big oak tree.  I might even sneak some time there myself.

Dormer Window Seat Cushion After with View

One project down, only 357 to go.

Fabric:  HGTV Home Fabric – Groove Move Quartz
Paint:  Rock Candy by Sherwin Williams


3 thoughts on “DIY: No-Sew Window Seat Cushions

    • I do have an odd storage space in the back of each dormer, but it’s easy to slip the cushions off if I need to get anything. For now, I just use the space to store items we don’t need on a regular basis (i.e. my husband’s old little league trophys and such).

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