“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Don’t worry, folks!  Christmas isn’t even on my radar.  I am referring to Round Top Antique Week.

Seriously, it is my most favorite time of the year and I just returned from there a few days ago.   For those who aren’t familiar with the awesomeness of this event, it is an enormous antique fair that occurs along a 25 mile stretch of highway near the charming little town of Round Top, TX (population 91).  Twice a year there are literally thousands of vendors who set up booths along the highway in various venues consisting of endless clusters of white tents, as well as in barns, dance halls, general stores, houses and pavilions.  These vendors sell everything from fine antiques to linens to collectibles galore.   It is glorious.  It is my Utopia.  My home away from home.  My favorite thing to attend….EVER.

Warrenton TentWarrenton Shabby Chic Bed WarrentonWarrenton Road 2Warrenton Road 1Silver La BahiaWarrenton China

It is my mother and one of her closest friends who first introduced me to Round Top.  They have faithfully attended antique week for at least the last 25 years and have allowed me to tag along for at least the past 10.  I believe it is here where my mother mastered her art of negotiation.  Seriously, you should see her in action.  It’s impressive and I’m pretty sure the vendors tremble a little bit when they see her coming.

After a long day of perusing the miles and miles of antiques, I get the privilege of staying just a few miles away at the delightful farmhouse owned by my mother’s friend.  It is a beautiful retreat tucked away among rolling green hills and oak trees galore.  There’s nothing like trouncing around in dusty, antique-filled fields all day and then concluding the fun by drinking a glass of wine and enjoying your surroundings.

Farm Pool Deer at Farm3 Longhorns

And what is a farm without a giant rooster greeting you at the front door?

Farm Rooster

I enjoy this part of Texas so much I even got married at a German Choir Hall which was built in the area in 1899.

Walking down the aisleCeremonyWelcome Hall at Night

*Sigh*  I just love it all so much.

Now, before I go I don’t want you to worry.  Like a good girl, I paid close attention to this sign I saw posted in one of the booths.

Blue Hill Sign

I assure you my SUV was filled to the brim with goodies, so stay tuned as I get them all gussied up and put in their new home.


8 thoughts on ““It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

    • Susan, you should definitely go. It’s incredible! I wish I would have taken better pictures, but I was too busy taking in all the sights. Plus, I was on a mission to fill my car. 🙂 It is truly my favorite way to bond with my mother.

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