My Favorite Things (Part 2)

Whew!  What a couple of weeks.  Strep throat, out of town visitors and surgery, oh my!  The good news is that everyone seems to be back on track.  So, after my last entry it’s time to discuss My Favorite Things (Part 2).

I’m going to get right to the point…not all “well-loved” furniture should be painted nor does it need to be stripped and restained.  Sometimes, it only needs a little elbow grease and a product called Restor-A-Finish.  I love this stuff.  It goes on in minutes and brings out the original finish (without removing it) while camouflaging water marks and minor scratches.  Here are some of my favorite Restor-A-Finish transformations…

This was a chocolate cabinet I found for a client of mine.  It took me just under 2 hours to get it presentable and the only reason it took me that long is because I also had to remove tape residue.

Chocolate Cabinet Restor A Finish

This was a major Craigslist score.  I selfishly kept this little $20 gem for myself and I don’t regret it one bit.

Diamond side table Restor A Finish

This library table is one of my favorite pieces.  The Restor-A-Finish transformed the top immediately.  You can read more about this project here.

Restor A Finish Library Table

How smart was my mother to send me the before and after pictures of her own Restor-A-Finish project?  This incredible antique church pew sits on her back porch.  Way to go, Mom!  It looks great!

Antique Church Pew Restor A Finish

Finally, I recently restored the antique side tables I have in my formal living room.  They once belonged to some very dear friends of my parents so these are quite special to me.  Restor-A-Finish helped me give the tables the TLC they deserve.

Restor A Finish Living Room Tables

So, fellow time-crunched friends, do you have any favorite furniture products that help you in a pinch?


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things (Part 2)

    • Thank you, Susan! Glad to hear from you! I’m so behind on my blog. I’ve been focusing on my house and family lately, but hope to finally share a few big reveals sooner rather than later. I hope all is well!

  1. Wow the results look great! Did you use the same color for each of these? I’d hate to but a much of different colors for a few pieces. Do you know if the color matters that much? Please let me know, thanks!!

    • Thank you, Marlene! I would try to match the color of Restor-A-Finish to the furniture. However, if you want to darken shades a bit the Dark Walnut is my shade of choice. It can even help tone down any reddish tones. The key is following up with Howard’s Feed-N-Wax, and staying away from Endust or Pledge (I prefer dusting with a dry swifter sheet). Good luck and thanks for stopping by! – Jess

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