Pretty in Pink

Desk after lights off straight view 1

To keep from boring everyone with my ramblings, I typically try to post to my blog only once a week, however, I’m pretty excited about my latest project and wanted to go ahead and share it with each of you.

Last summer a friend generously gave us a small desk they were no longer using.  It’s not antique, just a little, scalloped, factory distressed desk that I believe came from Pier One.  The finish was kind of a putty color with green undertones.  It was a nice desk, but nothing over the top.  Of course, when I spotted the scalloped edges and little drawer my wheels immediately started turning.  I thought it would be perfect in my oldest daughter’s room.  To me it was screaming, “Paint me pink! Paint me pink!”  So, my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint once again came to the rescue (read about another chalk paint project here).

Here is the desk before:

Entire Desk BeforeDesk Corner View Before

See?  Not bad, but not living up to its full potential for a little girl’s room.  Especially, for my girly girl whose signature color is pink.  So, I gathered my materials and got to work.

Desk Paint Supplies

To get the shade of pink I wanted I poured about a cup of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White into a throw away Ziploc container and added about 1/2 a teaspoon of the color, Emperor’s Silk, which is a bright red.

Chalk Paint Mixture for Desk

Once I mixed them together with a stir stick I ended up with a very soft, pale pink.  When I was satisfied with the color I added the paint with a brush (remember, no priming or sanding necessary).  I first applied a thicker coat of paint and followed up with two more coats which were thinned with water (this minimizes brush strokes).  I like this photo because it shows the contrast between the old and new paint colors.

First paint strokes on desk

Because the paint dries so quickly, I was able to paint all three coats in the same day.  Once the final coat of paint was dry, I VERY, VERY lightly went over the piece with a fine sanding wedge.  After wiping off the paint dust I applied two thin coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.  It is best to wait 24 hours of dry time between adding additional coats of wax.   I actually added a third coat of wax to the top of the desk for extra protection.  Once the final coat was dry I took an old T-shirt and buffed it to a smooth sheen.   Finally, to add a little more pizazz  I installed a pink flower-shaped drawer knob I purchased a few years ago at Pottery Barn Kids.  Surprisingly, I think my favorite part of the desk is the new knob.  I love how the flower petals mimic the scalloped details.

Here is the final result:

Desk Corner View After 1 Desk After Drawer Knob 1

Desl After Close Up 1

I placed the desk next to my daughter’s bed so it could also double as a night stand.  I am now on the hunt for a chair I can refurbish to go with the desk.  Once I add a chair, I think this will be the perfect spot for a little girl to read, draw pictures, finish homework, or do whatever her imagination calls her to do.  I’d say that little desk knew what she was talking about and I’m glad I listened.

Desk after lights off 1


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