The Secret Room

As a little girl I adored playing in “secret” spaces.  My imagination soared and there was just something fun about places where no adults were allowed (or could fit).  When we were potential buyers for our current home, I admit, I was giddy with excitement when I spotted the perfect area to create a “secret room” for my own two daughters.

Secret Room Door

We have a storage bonus room with a slanted ceiling above our garage.  To make use of the space where the ceiling is too low for an adult to stand, there is a small closet with a door that is  about 4ft. high.  The closet itself is only 5-1/2′ deep and 4-1/2′ wide and just 4′ tall at its highest point.  Not ideal for us big kids, but absolutely perfect for small children!

The other day my 5 year old asked if we could finally paint the room and “make it fun.”  So, once little sister went down for a nap, I pulled out some pale pink paint I already had on hand and my daughter and I got to work.  By the time we finished we were both covered in paint from head to toe and I am still sore from contorting my body to reach all of the tiny nooks and crannies, but we had fun and were excited about the final transformation.

Secret Room BeforeSecret Room After Bean Bag Chairs

Luckily, there was an outlet in the space so I was able to plug in some flower lights from Ikea to illuminate the room.  Then, I added a flowered rug I spotted on sale Lowe’s and two Target bean bag chairs that had been given to my girls as gifts.  The whole project took me no more than 2 hours to complete.

Secret Room After Flower Lights Secret Room After Angle

My 5 year old loves that she actually got to help paint the walls and since the space was completed, my girls have played in it daily.  My favorite thing to watch them do is take turns coming up with secret door knocks and silly secret passwords such as “Princess Banana” or “Unicorn Flower” before they are allowed to enter.  And I’m happy to report even I  have been invited to join the fun a time or two.  Could I use that room as storage?  Absolutely!  But, I wouldn’t trade watching my girls have their own “secret room” for anything.  Dream on, sweet girls, and let your imaginations fly!

Secret Room Door Open 1


3 thoughts on “The Secret Room

  1. Love this!! I had a friend when I was very young who had a small room like this accessible from her bedroom. We spent hours playing in that tiny room. The flower lights are perfect!!

    • Thank you, Alyssa! Don’t you wish we could all be kids again? I admit, I have just as much fun in my girls’ secret room as they do (that is, when they allow me to come in). Ha ha!

  2. I love this!!!. We are hoping to build a home soon and already had a secret room on our wish list. The kids found one in a model home behind a bookcase & were so in love with it. Love your blog. I just saw it today through your kitchen remodel post on FB. Great job!!!

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