In Light of Round Top: A ‘Downcyled’ Lamp

The countdown is on.  I am heading to Round Top Antique Week in just 2 days.  TWO days!  I’m so excited!

*For you fellow children of the ’90’s…Jessie Spano’s emmy-worthy, caffeine pills addiction scene from Saved by the Bell just popped into my head as soon as I said that.


But, I really am so excited!  For those who aren’t familiar with Round Top, twice a year more than 100,000 people arrive in rural Texas to shop more than 2,000 antique, decor and fashion vendors.  Along a small county road in the middle of nowhere, vendors set up in barns, historic dance halls, under tents and in miles of fields.  It’s dusty.  It’s crowded.  It’s hot.  It’s magnificent!

In honor of my upcoming trip I thought I’d show you what I did with one of the treasures I brought back from Round Top last fall.  I found this 1920’s bridge lamp and practically stole it for only $23.  It did need to be rewired, was covered in grime and had a terrible paint job, but I knew it was a gem.

Bridge Lamp Before 2 - NN
Bridge Lamp Stem Before - NN

Bridge Lamp Brass Before - NN
Bridge Lamp Base Before 2 - NN

Clearly, the lamp needed some work and that bumpy, plastic coating was just weird.  But look at it now.

Bridge Lamp After - NN
Bridge Lamp Brass Detail - NN
Bridge Lamp After Brass and Shade - NN
Bridge Lamp Base After - NN

So much better!  After having the lamp professionally rewired, then stripping off no less than 4 layers of paint, sanding (and sanding some more), then wiping it down with mineral spirits, I decided the wood on the lamp wanted to breath so I left it in its natural state.  I did add a fresh coat of spray paint to the base and purchased a new shade, but that’s it.  Somehow, this unfinished look suits the lamp..

Bridge Lamp After Addie Room - NN

While researching my fun $23 find, I spotted this one on Ebay for…ahem…$350 +97.43 shipping.

Ebay bridge lamp

While stripping the layers of paint off my lamp I discovered a layer of metallic paint very similar to the one I found on Ebay.  The textured coating on top of the wood on the Ebay lamp is also identical to what my lamp had before I sanded it off.   I know some people might be horrified that I removed the original plastic coating, but the lamp already wasn’t in its original condition so I don’t feel it mattered.  Trust me, the raw wood is so much prettier.

Bridge Lamp After A's Room - NN

 Either way, my daughter loves it and that is what matters most.

It also blends beautifully with the other bridge lamp you have seen in my older daughter’s room.

Bridge Lamp

For grins, here are a few more photos of bridge lamp eye candy which may help you understand why I am so drawn to their look…

Bridge Lamp Apartment Therapy

Source: apartment therapy

eclectic-hall bridge lamp houzz

 Source:  houzz
*Does anyone else want to close that door?

I am now off to prepare for my trip, but I will try to share some photos of the treasures I find via my new Instagram account (I know…it took me long enough to get with the program).  I’d love for you follow me there:  Round Top or bust!



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