Not Your Grandmother’s Antique Mall

For all you mothers out there, do you ever just leave the house (sans kids) to clear your head and get some “me” time?  I know several mothers who do this by going to the gym (not my thing), some just drive around (to each their own) and I’ve even heard a few mothers say they go to Walmart  to “just walk the aisles” (I’d rather go to the gym).  My favorite “me time” place happens to be the local antique mall.

I know, I know.  A  lot of you would probably rather walk the aisles of Walmart than walk the aisles of an antique mall.  After all, antique malls are just over-crowded aisles filled with a bunch of over-priced, knick-knacky items that belonged to someone’s great-grandmother, right?   Not any more!  These malls are getting a face lift and are filled with personality.  Take a look at some of the fun finds at my local mall:

Antique Mall Booth with Wedding Dress

There is actually a sign on this bed that says “No Napping!”  I don’t blame anyone for wanting to climb in those cozy linens.
Antique Mall Booth with Antique Bed

I’m kind of jealous someone already purchased this fun charcoal sideboard.
Antique Mall Booth with Painted Furniture

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, anyone?
Antique Mall Booth with Chalk Paint

With the mix of all of the updated, painted furniture, there are still plenty of gorgeous antiques left in their original state.  Someone currently has this grand piece on layaway.  I secretly want to follow it home so I can see where it will be used.
Antique Mall Hutch

Accessories are my favorite items to purchase at antique malls.  As a matter of fact, it’s my go-to spot.  I adore this Hollywood Regency gilded mirror.  At only $125, this is a steal!  I have seen similar mirrors go for well over $350.  Someone please go get it.  I don’t need the temptation!
Antique Mall Asian Mirror

Here is a little inspiration for you.
Turquoise LA - living rooms - campaign chest, green campaign chest, campaign nightstand, green campaign nightstand, campaign dresser, green campaign dresser,


Now, I didn’t snatch up that lovely gold mirror, but I did get a different one to help complete my dining room.
Painted Antique Mirror for Dining Room

I am also always drawn to vintage silverplate trays (what girl doesn’t like shiny things?).  I have my own collection of trays and each one was purchased at an antique mall.  I have found some smaller trays for as little as $6.
Antique Mall SilverAntique Mall Silver Trays

You could certainly shine the trays up and use them as serving pieces, but I like to embrace the dimension and patina the tarnish adds and use these lovelies as art.
Antique Mall Trays around Tree Painting 3

Antique malls are also an excellent place to find lighting.  This is a crummy photo and I know the chandelier looks a touch gaudy, but trust me, it would look amazing in a powder room, dressing area, hallway, or better yet, my butler’s pantry.
Antique Mall Chandelier

Finally, all that aisle walking and eye candy can make you work up an appetite, so who wouldn’t want to complete their trip with a a little Southern hospitality and home cooked goodies from the in-house cafe?
Photos:  mason & dixie cafe

Considering I frequent this mall so often the employees call me by name (I’m their version of Norm on Cheers), you’d think I’d open my own booth.  Eventually, that is my plan.  One of these days…

So, have any of you discovered the magic of an antique mall?  If so, I’d love to hear about what you brought home.  Meanwhile, if anyone needs me you know where to find me.


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