“I’m melting! I’m melting!”

I am WAY behind on everything…..I mean everything.  I’m behind with school shopping, grocery shopping, house cleaning (Ick!), furniture finding, project completions, laundry, yard work and of course, this blog.  I can give you a lot of reasons as to why I am so backlogged, but there is one thing in particular that is keeping me from my blog.

Am I super popular and attending fabulous social gatherings?  Um, no.  Am I spending lazy summer days relaxing by a pool?  In my dreams.  Am I going on lavish vacations?  Uh, does hanging out in small town East Texas count?  No.

The main reason I have strayed from my blog is because my computer is set up in our bonus room.  Normally, it is a lovely space which I can’t wait to finish decorating (I promise I will post pics once I am done), but there is one problem.  My bonus room is located above my garage….in Texas….where it is eleventy-billion degrees.  Did I mention that our builder apparently thought it would be funny to skip adding proper insulation? So, until the free insulation fairy pays us a visit, I will sit here with 3 fans blowing hot air on me as I slurp down gallons of ice water and type away on my blog.  And in case you were wondering, it is 11:15 at night and my bonus room is currently sitting at a chilly 93.8 degrees.  Awesome.

hot bonus room

Okay, I’m hot and clearly a little cranky, but y’all are the best, so let’s move on…

Tonight I thought I’d show you my guest room.  Now, for some reason I cannot get this room to photograph well.  All I can tell you is that it is small and has furniture placement challenges, but I think it is pretty and the wall color is truly beautiful.

The biggest challenge I have is that this room has 5 doors.  FIVE.  There is only one solid wall, but if I placed a bed there you would literally walk directly into it as soon as you step into the room.  Since I am a klutz, that is a bad idea.

Guest Room After 4-001

The only furniture placement option that made sense was to to place the bed in front of the balcony door.  Luckily, there is another entrance to the balcony from my master bedroom, so the balcony door in my guest room isn’t necessary.   Unfortunately, I don’t have many before photos of the space, but I did find a couple.

Guest Room Before 2 Guest Room After 4

Guest Room Before 3 Guest Room After Antique Dresser

Just painting those walls and replacing the blinds with drapes made the room feel so much larger!  I was also surprised to notice having the bed in front of the door doesn’t bother me at all.

I also think the white bedside tables help give the room a lighter feel.  The table to the left is a painted chocolate cabinet I found at an antique fair.

Guest CurioI

I thought it would be fun to fill the inside of the cabinet with old photos of my husband and me.

Interior of Chocolate Cabinet

I love my husband’s cowboy hat.  What I don’t love is my early 90’s big hair.  I can’t believe I’m going to show you this (it must be the heat frying my brain),  but here I am in an old drill team photo taken circa 1990.

Drill Team Photo Yikes

Ahhh, yes….the sweet smell of Aqua Net is coming back to me.

Anyway, my other bedside table is one that once belonged to my grandmother.  I remember it being painted a lovely pea green, but my mother recently jazzed it up with a fresh coat of white paint and new crystal knobs.

White Bedside Table Painted by Mom 2

My bedding is a mix of old and new.  The duvet is from Restoration Hardware, but the embroidered shams are vintage.  I actually bought them from an estate sale at the home of some dear friends of my parents.  So, not only are the pretty, but they are also sentimental.

Guest Room Pillows 4

Speaking of pretty and sentimental, remember that one solid wall I have?  That is where I hung the wedding portraits taken of my mother, her mother and me.

Guest Room Entrance Wedding Portrait Photos 2

The black & white photos stand out beautifully against the pale wall color.

My drapes are silk Restoration Hardware panels that I found on clearance.  They add just enough pattern and texture to the room and also glam it up a bit.

Restoration Hardware Drapes

So, there you have it.  My goal was to provide a soothing space for my guests, so I hope that was accomplished.  I hope to get a headboard made within the next month or two, so stay on the lookout for an update.

Guest Room After 3

Alright, folks.  I’m just too darn hot, so I’m signing off.  I’ll be sure to write again in the winter…. Just kidding.  See you next week.  🙂

Paint Color – Gray Owl Benjamin Moore
Duvet & Matching Shams – Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Bedding
Quilt & Matching Shams – Bed, Bath & Beyond
Vintage Shams – Estate Sale
Drapery Panels – Restoration Hardware
Drapery Hardware – Bed, Bath & Beyond
Lamps – Target
Drum Shades – Homegoods
Dresser – Craigslist
Chocolate Cabinet – Antique Fair
Bedside Dresser – Family Piece


2 thoughts on ““I’m melting! I’m melting!”

  1. I read it all to dad:). I laughed! Did you have ice in your box-o-wine while trying to stay cool in the “attic.” Well done! Let me know of the comments!!

    Love you! Mom

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