Round Top Recap

Okay, okay!  Several of you have been giving me a few friendly nudges about filling you in on my recent trip to Round Top.  Now that the dust has finally settled, I’m ready to do just that.

As always, it was a wonderful trip and I was successful at coming home with an SUV filled with all sorts of goodies.  Of course, the best part of Round Top is getting to spend time with my mother, sister and several of my mother’s friends.  No phones, no TV, no schedules….just good fun with some of the people I care about most in this world.

Blue Hill - NN

When I go to Round Top my first stop is always at a place called Blue Hill.  It’s my favorite.  Blue Hill is a smaller area surrounded by pretty rolling hills and lots of character.  You can’t beat it.  This also happens to my sister’s favorite spot.

C and me - NN(We are clearly related.  Next year I hope our older sister can join us.)

At Blue Hill, one can find everything from stunning crystal chandeliers…

Chandeliers at Blue Hill - NN

…to giant, metal bears.

Metal Bear - NN(Who doesn’t need one of these?)

This 19th century, travelling medicine show wagon was a lot of fun to see.

Dr. Grays Medicine Company - NN

I’m always a little sad to see all the beautiful doors at Round Top.  Why were they ever removed in the first place?? I fear for what happened to their original home.  
Antique Doors - NN(To get a concept of the grandeur of these doors, the ones on the right are a standard size.)

Thirsty, anyone?

Huge Punch Bowl - NN(I was on an unsuccessful hunt for a punch bowl.  I considered this one, but I don’t think I will ever need to serve 10 gallons of punch.)

I thought these metal goats were filled with personality.

Metal Goats - NN(I wonder if my nazi HOA would mind if I stuck a few in my front yard?)

The largest area to shop is called Warrenton.  You could spend 8 hours a day for several days in a row traipsing through fields of vendors and still not see everything.

Warrenton - NN Blue White Tent Warrenton - NN Misc Furniture near Clutters - NNWallpaper Table - NNZapp Hall - NNFrench Table 1700s - NN(The vendor selling this table told me it was from the 1700’s.  The table was so low, it was unusable for modern purposes so he added height to the bottom of the legs.)

Buffet and Vintage Tray Mirror - NN

A word of advice for Round Top rookies.  Get to Warrenton early or you will be sorry.  This is a photo my mother took of the cars lined up to come in (the line was at least 5 miles long).  Luckily, we were finished with Warrenton and were driving to other areas in the opposite direction.

Round Top Traffic - NN

And of course, we always stop at a fun spot called La Bahia, which is a historic dance hall built in 1879.

La Bahia - NN Silver La Bahia - NN

After each day of exhausting, yet exhilarating treasure hunting, my mother’s dear friend allows us to stay at her beautiful farm which is only a 20 minute drive away.  I have to tell you, after a long day of kicking through miles of fields there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the porch, drinking a glass of wine and looking out on these beautiful creatures.

Longhorns at Farm - NN Polka Dot - NN

Being at the farm means I also get to drive past the historic 1899 German choir hall where my husband and I got married in 2005.

Welcome Hall - NN

Sadly, my Round Top trips always come to an end way too soon.  It’s hard leaving such beautiful scenery.

On the other hand, it’s always exciting to go home to my family and find new places for my treasures.  I know several of you want to see my purchases, but I’ll save those for my next post.  Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak.

Before Round Top - NNBEFORE

After Round Top - NNAFTER

So, yet another successful Round Top trip has come to an end.  Of course, my greatest success was in creating memories with my mother and sister.  For those are the greatest treasures of all.

Mom, C and Me at Blue Hill - NNTill next time…


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