Garage Sale Saturday

I love Garage Sale Saturday because it’s where I find most of my furniture pieces.  But, sometimes you just have to get a few things for yourself.

Silver Serving Pieces 2 - NN Cup and Saucer  - NN

That little cup and saucer inspires me to wake up a bit earlier each morning just so I can enjoy using it for my morning cup of coffee….before the kids wake up, of course.

And don’t worry, as “little old ladyish” as my cup and saucer and silver pieces may seem, I promise they are vintage chic.  I also promise never to come back with items like these…

Creepy Cat Figurines

If I do, well, then you will all know I have officially lost my marbles.

On a less creepy note, I’ve got to give my husband some props.  He hit a few garage sales on my behalf recently and came home bearing some pretty awesome gifts.  I’m in awe of this rather spectacular dresser…

Dresser Full View

And look at this antique piece…

Antique Oak Nightstand Before in Garage - NN

I know it doesn’t appear as much, but I was giddy with excitement when I found a secret compartment.

Secret Compartment - NN

You have to admit that is pretty cool.  If only the piece could tell me what all has been hidden there.

Unfortunately, the mechanism which originally attached the panel to conceal the space was long gone.   I remedied that by adding a few hinges.

Antique Oak Nightstand After side view secret compartment

My 4 year old was pretty pleased with the overall functionality and said it was the perfect hiding place for her Toy Story gang.

Secret Compartment Toy Story - NN

This piece was also rather thirsty so I cleaned it well and added a coat of Briwax.  NOTE:  I wouldn’t dare put a coat of paint on this.  It easily dates back to the late 1800’s and had a beautiful patina with minimal scratches or damage).

Antique Oak Nightstand Collage NN

Antique Oak Nightstand After  - NN

So pretty.  And it sold immediately.

See?  My husband did extremely well.  Come to think of it, he did so well with the garage sales I might send him out again next week while I stay home and drink coffee out of my new “vintage chic” cup and saucer.  I just  may be on to something.





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