Dining Room Sneak Peek

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I can’t wait until summer because I’ll have so much time to complete projects and do a few things for myself?”  Then, did you quickly realize what an absurd thought that was and were embarrassed by your delusions and naivete?  Um…yeah….me neither.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of stopping by the house of  some former design clients.  A few months ago I was honored to have the opportunity to help this fun couple with their kitchen and dining areas.  They are still in the throws of getting their cute house in order so they aren’t quite ready for full before/after photos, but I still wanted to give you a sneak peek.

When I first met with my clients they requested a serene, yet sophisticated and transitional look with gray and blue tones.  This is the mood board I originally completed for them (the “before” photo is in the upper right hand corner).

OB-Dining Room Redo

So far my clients have painted the walls, ceiling and most of the trim, added a new chandelier and installed hardwood flooring.  They still need to paint the baseboards and  accessorize, but the room already looks fantastic!

You know me and my love of color on ceilings.  Just look at this beauty!

Brasher Dining Chandelier Collage

It’s hard to tell from my crummy iPhone photo, but the color on the ceiling is a rich, dark gray/blue.  I have to admit it was my clients who chose to go darker than what I originally suggested.  And it was a brilliant decision on their part.  The walls are a very pale gray/blue, which is one of my favorite go-to colors called Rock Candy by Sherwin Williams (I have it in my own house).  The white trim is also a home run.  The original beige faux finish on the trim just made the room look dingy and dark.  The white really freshens it up and now the character of the beadboard stands out perfectly.

I’m also in love with that chandelier.  It’s the perfect mix of gold and silver and blends perfectly with any finish on other hardware throughout the house.

I can’t wait to see the room complete.  I also can’t wait to complete my own projects that I hoped to finish this summer.  But, you know what?  Sometimes there are more important things to do, such as spend quality time with these two darlings…

Clara and Addie at Pool July 5, 2014 - NN

Happy Summer!!


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