Wallpaper Woes

The other day I finally went through my phone and tried to delete at least a few of my 3,000 photos (I know, I’ve told you before I have a problem).  Anyway, I was partiality entertained and partially mortified at the memories these photos stirred.

Master Water Closet Before 1Master Water Closet Before 2

Isn’t it pretty?  That was the wallpaper I stared at in the water closet of my master bath for the first few months we lived in our house.  One night when my kids were in bed and my husband was out of town I ripped that stuff down as fast as I could.  And by that I mean it took me 2 days of back-breaking spraying, steaming, scraping, peeling and sweating with maybe, just maybe, a few bad words sprinkled in (sorry Mom!).

See this?

Master Water Closet Before 3Master Water Closet Before 4

It says, “Paper all walls.” When I spotted this lovely graffiti under the wallpaper which had been mocking me,  I immediately wished I could have jumped in a DeLorean with Michael J. Fox (I still have a crush on him…and Kirk Cameron), gone back to 1995 and tackled the guy who wrote it.


Okay, moving along… here is what the water closet looks like now.  No more wallpaper, just clean walls painted soothing Paladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Water Closet After 1Water Closet After 2

Not exactly an earth-shattering makeover…I mean, it’s a water closet.  But, it’s the little things and the little spaces that sometimes make a big difference.

Now, who wants to watch some Family Ties and Growing Pains reruns with me?


3 thoughts on “Wallpaper Woes

  1. Hey Jessica! Hope you’re having a fun summer…. I’m enjoying catching up on your blog. My old bathroom was also painted Palladian Blue… Love all the colors on that paint chip and used all three of them in my last house! Keep sharing your decorating adventures. Thanks for the inspiration!

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